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Mergers and acquisitions

When businesses buy or sell assets or interests, they need expert multi-disciplinary advisors working together in innovative ways to unlock maximum value from the deal.

Successful M&A transactions deliver the desired results without surprises. Increasingly, such transactions are expected to realize full strategic value for the business. This means going beyond traditional legal planning and execution of a deal by using a multi-disciplinary team approach. 

Challenges and barriers for U.S. multinationals include:

  • In a competitive and fast-paced environment, timing is more essential than ever – the right in-house and external resources are key.
  • Legal compliance and risk minimization efforts can sometimes conflict with the wider business objectives of the C-suite, requiring the need for harmonization.
  • Due to the increasing complexity of M&A transactions, managing multiple aspects of a transaction demands seamless integration of various disciplines, especially regarding financial statement and tax impacts.
  • The C-suite demands greater strategic value from M&A transactions, which can be obtained by unlocking opportunities for synergies and efficiencies after closing the transaction. M&A teams must be focused on the larger life cycle of the acquired business, including post-deal integration right from the outset. 
  • Due diligence remains a critical task, but risks must be mitigated and efficiencies increased. Deal teams need to be creative with ways to automate and improve processes, efficiently identifying risk areas and making better use of resources.
  • M&A transactions are frequently impacted by protectionist barriers in target jurisdictions, such as foreign investment restrictions, cash extraction hurdles, approval processes and other delays. This environment demands local knowledge to find pragmatic solutions to potential barriers. 

ILC Legal, LLP, as an independent law firm in the PwC network, can assist you throughout the M&A process. ILC Legal, LLP works directly with seasoned PwC professionals across the PwC network of member firms to provide seamless multi-jurisdictional counsel, planning and implementation of complex transactions outside of the U.S.

Successful M&A transactions deliver the desired financial and business results without surprises

Services that the PwC legal services network can deliver…tailored to your needs

Whether the transactions are spin-offs, carve-outs, mergers, stock or asset sales or purchases, joint ventures or business start-ups, such transactions require more than just careful due diligence and execution from a traditional law firm. PwC’s network can provide legal advice and adjacent services during all phases of a transaction life cycle.


  • Tailored deal structuring with a focus on long-term goals
  • Strategic reviews to pinpoint divestment of non-core assets or asset acquisitions
  • Feasibility valuation of foreign direct investment into a new jurisdiction from all angles
  • Legal function health checks to address pain points

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  • Quick mobilization of global resources
  • Streamlined cross-border project management
  • Coordination and collaboration with existing advisors
  • Bespoke due diligence (buy-side or vendor due diligence) and specialized sector knowledge for effective issue identification
  • Technology-enabled automated contract reviews
  • Interactive reporting capabilities to support real-time management decisions
  • Expert legal document drafting
  • Experienced M&A legal negotiation teams
  • Full suite of legal skills necessary to an M&A transaction
  • Efficient completion of the deal, including legalization, notarization, translation, and global co-ordination, and liaison with regulators and approval bodies

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  • Post-merger integration support and risk management with a focus on generating long-term value and harmonization for the business
  • Separation issues for carve-outs: legal, commercial, financial
  • Automated contract risk evaluation for ongoing business operations
  • Seamless transition for ongoing compliance obligations (entity governance, tax, etc.)

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PwC’s global legal services network has the largest geographical reach of any legal network with unparalleled access to experienced legal professionals around the world, making it a leader in the marketplace. However, it is the network’s approach and the value you will realize from it that makes it different.

The breadth of the PwC legal services network can facilitate efficiencies

The world’s most extensive legal services network provides a comprehensive offering of services, including analyzing the strategic drivers for a transaction, implementing the deal, realizing post-integration value, and helping you manage ongoing entity compliance.

Integrating legal expertise with other disciplines can yield strong value

PwC’s legal services network works with other PwC advisors that specialize in other disciplines (e.g., tax, accounting, human capital, and immigration) to advise on the ‘bigger picture.’

Streamlined communications and responsibility

One point of contact for closely aligned PwC resources produces a simplified approach that provides a consistent standard. Potential service gaps (and hence risk) are avoided. Maintaining multiple advisors is avoided, freeing up time to focus on more proactive, value-add actions.

Leveraging cutting edge processes to better identify risk

Legal due diligence is a critical and complex task, necessarily requiring the use of technology to enable faster, more efficient and user-friendly business reporting, such as contract digitization software.

Bringing a ‘commercial’ mindset to the table

The ‘commercial’ mindset is critical during all phases of the transaction. PwC’s legal services network embodies significant industry-based knowledge, combining best in practice global insights, with an understanding of the practicalities of the specific jurisdiction and regulatory requirements.

PwC’s legal services network’s provides a tailored approach

Whether your business seeks full-scale, cross-border M&A services, or assistance in targeted areas such as standalone legal due diligence, deal structuring or post-deal integration, PwC’s legal services network can tailor resources to fit your needs.

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