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Labor law and employment

Managing ever more complex HR legal compliance for broad-reaching workforces requires advisors with global experience managing multijurisdictional regulatory requirements

Increased globalization has greatly expanded the diversity and reach of multinational company workforces. Managing these far spread resources can be a complex task; ensuring proper legal compliance with each jurisdiction’s employment laws and regulations is more important than ever, given concerns about corporate reputation and executive liability.

Workforce demographics are shifting, requiring companies to seek talent across borders and utilize talent in new ways, such as through use of contingent workforces. The mobility of workers across borders is expected to increase, with companies using more non-traditional approaches such as frequent business travel.

The variance of labor and employment laws between jurisdictions can be incredibly wide, with certain countries imposing burdensome compliance obligations. Crossborder labor law issues are more frequently arising, mandating a need to have a top level lens to gauge multiple sets of employment requirements at the same time.

Local HR and legal teams can be spread thin and often times may be managing people in territories outside of their expertise, creating a steep learning curve to understand the company’s obligations and the available parameters to meet business objectives.

ILC Legal, LLP, as an independent law firm in the PwC network, can identify, assemble and coordinate a team of professionals from other firms in the PwC Network to tackle your labor and employment needs

Working with other PwC network firms, ILC Legal can deliver services tailored to your needs

Business imperatives

Day-to-day operations

  • Employment structures
    Manage and advise on all HR legal aspects, including the use of global or regional employment companies
  • Regulatory compliance
    Advise on compliance with local regulatory requirements, e.g., gender pay reporting and national minimum wage compliance
  • Employment documentation in local jurisdictions
    Coordinate the review of offer letters, contracts, staff handbooks, and other documentation to ensure compliance
  • Globalization of HR policies
    Draft and implement global policies that are compliant in all relevant territories and reflect global core HR values and strategies, which are properly communicated to workforces
  • Recruitment and selection
    Ensure processes are non-discriminatory, robust, and compliant
  • Employment status of workers
    Advise on how individuals could be hired with alignment to the company’s business model and strategy
  • Workers with dual roles across two countries or companies
    Evaluate and properly document dual contract arrangements
  • Mobile workforces that cross borders
    Document assignments in compliance with local laws in home and host countries
  • Training for HR personnel facing global workforce challenges
    Develop training programs – on-line or face-to-face – covering a range of HR issues (recruitment, diversity, equality, anti-bribery)
  • Collective employee relations/global industrial relations
    Advise on requirements to have local or international work councils, employee representative bodies in place (unions), as well as related rights, obligations, and disputes that may arise
  • Individual terminations or dismissals
    Evaluate significant contractual and/or statutory entitlements and legal protections, as well as document and negotiate settlements

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Extraordinary transactions

  • HR transformation projects
    Deliver guidance on all HR legal matters when the HR function is lifted to its next level of maturity
  • Business acquisitions
    Perform HR due diligence on target or merger partners; advise on business transfer laws, works council and consulting obligations, and restructuring costs and procedures
  • Post-acquisition integration
    Advise on HR legal aspects of post-acquisition or merger integration, including communications and strategy
  • Cross-border reorganizations
    Manage HR legal issues relating to consultation requirements, staff transfers, redundancies, and changing contract terms; advise on alternative strategies for headcount reduction
  • Global sourcing of workforces to achieve synergies
    Advise on local business transfer laws, collective and individual consultation
  • Global employment law compliance projects
    Review local compliance with all applicable labor laws across territories to ensure global compliance; protect reputation; and enforce HR policies

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PwC’s global legal services network has the largest geographical reach with unparalleled access to experienced legal professionals around the world, making it a leader in the marketplace. However, it is the network’s approach and the value you will realize that makes it different.

Proven value for clients

PwC’s global legal services network has extensive project management and coordination experience across industry lines. The member firms of the network can provide consistent advice across jurisdictions, creative approaches where necessary, and all advice is delivered with a keen eye on the commercial impact.

A ‘universal’, practical approach to compliance

HR governance models must be flexible enough to apply across the globe in a holistic fashion, while embodying the organization’s core global values. PwC’s global legal services network can help your company design and implement such a model by using a comparative mindset coupled with local expertise.

Efficient delivery with on-going benefits

Through a single point of contact, HR legal advice can be managed whether queries arise for one country, or for matters that have international, crossjurisdictional consequences. PwC’s global legal services network can also deliver solutions with enabling technology and automation that not only yield current benefits, but can serve as a spring-board for on-going efficiency.

Connected disciplines can enable seamless implementation

PwC’s global legal services network can work alongside PwC’s international corporate structuring and immigration colleagues, tax professionals, HR consulting team members, and outsourcing experts to understand the business’ broader obligations, ensure proper compliance, and provide strategic insights.

Front-line planning

When organizations decide to expand cross-border, reviewing local employment laws upfront can provide valuable insights early in the planning process, including the various structures for providing services and a full understanding of employer obligations throughout the employment life cycle.

Proactive measures that can identify problems early

Health checks and audits can help companies evaluate their current compliance and related risks. For example, the PwC’s global legal services network can audit workforce entitlements on a periodic basis, as well as assess the state of their relationships with unions.

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