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International reorganizations

Organizations must change to stay ahead of new business demands and complex regulatory challenges. Your counsel should be as innovative as your organization.

Multinational reorganizations are frequently required to streamline or eliminate entities, businesses or inter-company arrangements, as well as to achieve improved business alignment. Although they sometimes look deceptively simple, they can be incredibly complex, difficult to manage, and can often require very broad-reaching global and local multi-disciplinary expertise.

Implementation can be fraught with a wide range of business risks such as unexpected liabilities, operational upheaval, larger than anticipated budgets, or even a need to unwind a transaction.

Simply putting in place a multi-country resource team is not enough – you must have early planning and issue identification, cohesive communication, and real-time oversight.

Securing analysis that goes beyond traditional legal advice is critical… advice needs to reflect commercial awareness, practical insights, and provide value-added strategic direction.

ILC Legal, LLP, as an independent law firm in the PwC network, works directly with PwC’s global legal services network and other PwC professionals around the globe to provide a seamless and holistic approach.

Working with other PwC network firms, ILC Legal can deliver services tailored to your needs

Business imperatives

Deal related reorganizations

  • Pre-deal separation and carve-outs
  • Post-deal integrations

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Operational efficiencies

  • Corporate structuring and simplification
  • Alignment of legal structures to business divisions
  • Intellectual property structuring
  • Modifications to finance architecture, financing and refinancing

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Rationalization efficiencies

  • Legal entity rationalization
  • Corporate simplification
  • Branch structures

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Day-to-day operations

  • Management of day to day intra-group corporate and commercial transactions

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Cross-border and domestic transactions

  • Mergers and integrations
  • Spin-offs and divisions
  • Capital buy-backs, redemptions, cash repatriation and distributions
  • Contributions to capital
  • Share, asset and business transfers
  • Intra-group financing and refinancing
  • Branch establishment and transfers
  • Entity formations, redomiciliations and migrations
  • Partnership transactions
  • Issuance or alterations to share capital, debt and related instruments
  • Analysis and drafting of contractual arrangements
  • Contract digitization
  • Support for broader business and supply chain transformations
  • Related labor law, banking, and finance counseling

PwC’s global legal services network has the largest geographical reach with unparalleled access to experienced legal professionals around the world, making it a leader in the marketplace. However, it is the network’s approach and the value you will realize that makes it different.

Strong track record

PwC’s global legal services network has helped many multinationals manage their reorganizations, providing a significant knowledge base of experience, particularly along industry lines. Priorities are aligned with your business from the onset; commercial impacts are top of mind.

Anticipatory mindset

No one likes surprises. The PwC global legal services network’s approach helps businesses identify barriers and challenges upfront during the planning process for the restructuring. Challenges are resolved proactively, rather than reactively.

‘One point of contact’ approach

Your in-house teams need not repeat the details surrounding the restructuring to all advisors. Centers of excellence within PwC’s global legal services network enable enhanced and efficient coordination around the globe. Working with other PwC network firms, ILC Legal can help coordinate leading professionals from both legal and non-legal areas who can simultaneously advise on tax, accounting, financial, and HR related issues. Time and resource savings can help foster a competitive advantage within your industry.

Technology-enabled processes and delivery

Collaborative and transparent information sharing, document management, and engagement workflow between relevant parties is critical for timesensitive implementation. Reduced time investment by in-house management enables them to be more focused on value-added tasks relating to the reorganization.

Quick mobilization of resources

ILC Legal can ensure that teams from across the PwC network are quickly mobilized to support the needs of the business to avoid loss of momentum. Large, multicountry transactions and requirements are broken down into manageable tasks, in the proper order, with the right resources, and implemented on schedule.

Consistency of cross-border advice

Professionals within the PwC network use the same language, methodology, and processes across the restructuring project, fostering improved oversight. Cutting edge advice and insights can be seamlessly delivered across the world often within a tight timeframe.

Flexibility and open-mindedness

One size does not fit all so depending upon your reorganization, services can be customized to best meet your requirements.

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