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Global immigration

Global immigration is increasingly important for businesses to manage – it is crucial to get the right talent, to the right location, at the right time. Companies need a leading advisor with robust capabilities that can deliver valuable insights and impact.

More than ever before, the global immigration landscape is experiencing major shifts: geopolitical instability, global economic uncertainty, major political events such as the United Kingdom vote to the leave the European Union (EU), and other actions causing protectionist restrictions and regulations on foreign nationals to increase.

Governments are increasing their enforcement of immigration obligations and levying greater financial penalties (reaching tens of millions of dollars.) Governments are also exchanging information between each other; and within governments, there is a growing integration between immigration and tax functions to bolster proper compliance.

At the same time, workforce demographics are changing. More people are crossing borders to work and there is a desire to move talent in a quick and agile way while keeping costs in check. Non-traditional modes of mobility are rising, such as commuter arrangements, rather than the traditional relocations. The occurrence of frequent business travelers is also increasing, placing strain on businesses to properly monitor immigration.

In addition, to attract and retain talent for cross-border assignments, it is necessary to improve assignee experiences to be seamless and more consistent while also managing pressure to provide optimal benefits for mobile employees. The latter task is requiring enhanced global data regarding employment movement.

In response to this challenging environment, companies need to shift to a centralized immigration function so they can have adequate control and visibility into processes across the world, while ensuring proper compliance and better manage risk.

ILC Legal, LLP, as an independent law firm in the PwC network, can assist multinational clients in this fast-paced environment and the full life cycle of support surrounding global immigration requirements. ILC Legal, LLP works directly with a wide spectrum of seasoned professionals across the PwC network of firms to provide practical advice and global results.

ILC Legal, LLP can assist multinational clients with this fast-paced environment and the full life cycle of support surrounding global immigration requirements.

PwC's global legal services network can deliver services tailored to your needs

The PwC network has the largest in-house immigration capability, with over 1,600 immigration professionals in 171 countries – enabling services in virtually every country in the world.

Independently ranked as the leading global immigration provider, the PwC network serves over 300,000 mobile employees.

The PwC immigration network provides a wide spectrum of support and unrivalled access to top PwC professionals

Global work authorizations

  • Assist with global work permits, visas, and resident permits
  • Support private clients including high net worth individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, and other executives
  • Liaise with government officials, leverage strong relationships with authorities worldwide
  • Verify electronically whether employees have the right to work
  • Coordinate with other PwC team members using a central point of contact and centralized delivery centers

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Consular services

  • Procure visas and documents
  • Assist with legalization, translations, attestations, and apostilles

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Core consulting services regarding…

  • Immigration strategy
  • Opportunities for efficiencies, such as cooperative compliance
  • Compliance visits and health checks to evaluate risk
  • Audits and mock audits to gauge preparedness
  • Policy review and support
  • Training
  • Crisis management
  • Quota reviews and requirements
  • Data security
  • Challenges surrounding employees working in multiple countries
  • Assistance with assignee queries and consultations

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Short term business visitors

  • Provide 24/7 assistance for travelers
  • Improve governance structures to ensure compliance
  • Implement pre-travel assessment technology tool for immigration, tax, and permanent establishment issues
  • Deliver real-time assessments to employees before they travel regarding potential immigration and tax risks

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Talent mapping

  • Develop database of talent and their relevant attributes (e.g., available visas, desire to work abroad)
  • Assist with identifying employees available for overseas work

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Geopolitical analysis

  • Provide updates on current crisis situations and their impact on processing times

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PwC's global legal services network has the largest geographical reach of any legal network with unparalleled access to experienced legal professionals around the world, making it a leader in the marketplace. However, it is the network’s approach and the value you will realize from it that makes it different.

More advisors in more locations than any other provider

The PwC immigration network has the broadest and deepest capabilities in the market. The network has developed a strong methodology for supporting companies manage their global immigration programs and is able to adapt and replicate this across all engagements. The network’s scale can serve companies in existing and new territories, and can also deliver various specialized knowledge at the right time to meet demands.

Significant investment in cutting edge technology-enabled solutions

For example, the network uses a single, shared platform that underpins the core compliance services we offer. Unique tools are also offered for specific challenges companies are facing today, such as tracking compliance for frequent business travelers. Technology has been developed which provides an unrivalled tool linking immigration and tax compliance in the life cycle of a business trip.

Emphasis on the user experience and efficiency

The immigration network’s processes and solutions are designed with the user’s experience as a driving factor. For the assignee, this means real-time information on all immigration compliance work PwC is currently performing for them and one-touch access to PwC professionals. For the employer, this means having a global online portal that delivers compliance status and sophisticated data analytics capabilities regarding trends, program costs, and other key information.

Quick mobilization of resources

Timing is essential to understand how to get global workforces mobilized quickly and seamlessly. Businesses need to have the right in-house and global external resources available to assist. They need advisors who can also help implement strong governance structures and improve ‘mobile readiness’ while keeping costs top of mind so they can be prepared for rapidly changing business needs.

Holistic and centralized approach

Companies can enjoy a single point of contact and accountability for services globally. PwC immigration services are coordinated by a global center with teams that have extensive experience managing large multinational accounts. This approach facilitates a high quality service that includes monitored compliance and delivery. It also enables the integration of wider disciplines including legal, tax, entity governance and compliance, and social security.

Local knowledge and relationships with regulators

The PwC network is at the forefront of immigration thinking – we can advise on changes before they are announced to the general public. For example, in the UK, immigration professionals regularly hold conferences which are attended by both senior business contacts and government officials. This government liaison capability is replicated in other territories where PwC professionals provide senior policy makers views from business to help in the formation of practical guidance.

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